What is the first thing you notice when you look at an advert? Is it the text of the image?

Most peoples eyes are drawn firstly to the image and this is the power of good photography

Treats website photographyAdvertising Photography This image was taken as part of a project for an online Sweet company called Treats
All images were taken in our Product Studio
The brief was; photographs should appeal to the customer with sweets from their School days and mouth watering images

Advertising Photography generally involves taking images of Products or Services you want to sell

Willowbrook KitchensAdvertising Photography This images was part of a project for Willowbrook Handbuilt Kitchens
Our client specifically asked us to take the photographs as HDR (High Dynamic Range) images so all the detail could be seen clearly

Willowbrook produce fabulous kitchens - to sell one of these to your potential new customer you could send them pages of information about how you handcraft your cabinets from the finest woods and finish your work to the highest standards
you could show them a high quality photograph of some of your best work

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and that is very true. Today everyone is so busy they have no time to read all the detail
they skip around the internet browsing at websites until something grabs their attention and generally that is a photograph.
However to sell your product or service a high quality photograph is essential
poor quality images generally reflect a poor quality product or service.

advertising montageadvertising montage

Advertising Photographs are used in...
print advertising in newspapers, magazines and billboards
digital advertising on websites, mobiles and television

Whatever the Photograph is to be used for, each of our clients will have a good idea what they want to achieve from their advertising campaign.
Because each product and service is different we take time to find out what our clients want
and how we can help them to achieve this with our photography

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Martin Bird Photography are our team of choice when it comes to promotional photography - they are always flexible, add real creative input to on-site shoots and most importantly are super-easy to deal with.
Chris Young. Kaleidoscope Publishing Solutions Ltd

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